Products and Services

Consultation Times: Monday to Friday, including Saturday Mornings

We assess and provide treatment for speech- language- voice disorders and reading disabilities

  • Delayed or Deviant language development
  • Speech disorders such as stuttering, mispronunciation of sounds, etc
  • Voice disorders
  • Impaired speech and language following a stroke or head injury
  • Reading difficulties

We assess and provide treatment for ear / hearing related disorders

  • Diagnostic Hearing tests with state of the art equipment and a sound proof booth
  • Central auditory processing assessments
  • Hearing aid fitting and accessories
  • Hearing aid orientation and management
  • Aural rehabilitation (post cochlear implantation and hearing aids)
  • Tinnitus management
  • Reading therapy

We conduct Speech-Language and Hearing screenings within educational settings and favour collaborative relationships within the multidisciplinary medical and educational team.

We conduct assessments for medico-legal and workman’s compensation purposes based on referrals by the legal fraternity.

Supplier of internationally renowned hearing aid brands such as Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Unitron, etc as well as a variety of Hearing Aid battery brands available for purchase.

Medical Aid clients accepted